1st Half for Saskatchewan Has Been A Rough-Ride

Saskatchewan Riders

2015 can’t hurry itself to the finish line quite quickly enough for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Their 0-9 beginnings following an unruly start with an injury to their number one quarterback has taken the wind out of the Roughriders’ sails. Their win on sunday, September 6th was able to finally snap their terrible string to open the season  and leaves them shy of setting some CFL records for the worst start to a season. Speaking of which, there has been some terrible CFL losing streaks and winless records over the years, the most recent terrible start was the 2003 Hamilton Tiger-Cats whom started 0-12 before finally winning game 13 of that horrific campaign on ironically the exact same day, September 6th.

There isn’t much hope for a resurgence over the next few months when it comes to Saskatchewan, but fans can now take a big breath and relax for their franchise is no longer in position to join the terrible company of those who have failed miserably before them. However, the disappointment of an 0-9 start, mixed with the firing of head coach Corey Chamblin left the franchise headed in a downward spiral after their ninth straight loss. Their first positive sight since the firing has come immediately in the form of their recent first victory. This has left Roughrider fans with the feeling that the season has alot left to give and that a 9-9 finish may not be as impossible to imagine as many first thought or would have stated a week ago when their head coach was taken to the chopping block. Their is new burst of hope out west that somehow, someway there will be an immediate impact and improvement going forward, and albeit hard to believe can be achieved, it is not a ridiculous claim to think they can’t find themselves in the thick of a playoff race come the end of the regular season.

However, Roughrider fans need to keep their wits about them, there has never been a CFL team who has lost more than 8 straight games during a season and still finished with an even record or better. Therefore the possibility of a turnaround being enough to gain them a playoff position is slim to none, but that does not mean much in a 9 franchise league which has 6 of 9 clubs making the post-season and only 2 guaranteed division winners. So, although this years ride has been worse than usual for the prairie folk of Saskatchewan, there is a shinning glimmer of hope they choose to hold onto and they may just have something up their sleeve.


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